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  1. Moebius Models Sci-Fi Space 1/48 1999 Full Eagle Transporter w/Cargo Pod Kit


  2. Glencoe Space 1/300 Nuclear Pwd Space Station Kit


  3. Moebius Models Sci-Fi 1/35 Lost in Space: Space Pod & Chariot Plastic/Resin/PE Kit


  4. Glencoe Space 1/144 Mars Liner Rocket Ship Kit


  5. Glencoe Space 1/200 Convair Manned Observation Satellite Kit


  6. Glencoe Space 1/48 Jupiter C Rocket Kit


  7. Glencoe Space 1/6 US Explorer I Satellite 50th Anniv (Ltd Edition) Kit


  8. Glencoe Space 1/87 THOR Missile & Launch Pad Kit


  9. Moebius Models Sci-Fi 1/350 Lost in Space: Derelict Alien Spaceship Kit


    Any Lost in Space fan will remember the Derelict and the aliens that inhabit it! Complete with a mini Jupiter 2, kit can be built with "fingers" open or closed. Jupiter 2 can be built with landing gear up or...
  10. Dragon Space 1/400 NASA: Space Shuttle Endeavour w/Crawler Transporter (Assembled Die Cast)


    Built to 1/400 scale, the entire assembly of the Endeavour (with attached External Tank and two Solid Rocket Boosters) plus the MLP and Tractor-Crawler are produced in minute detail. Fine details such as the track links on the four tractors...
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